Federal Agency NEPA Websites

Below is a list of NEPA webpages on Federal Department/Agency websites. These pages are useful resources for overviews of the Agency's NEPA program, and links to agency-specific NEPA procedures and related guidance.

Federal Websites

Federal Agency Digital NEPA Documents

Below is a list of agency webpages with the Federal Agencies' NEPA documents. These pages are useful resources to find many NEPA documents (past and present) online from that agency quickly and easily. Agencies do not all post the same information, for example, some provide only Environmental Impact Statements while other include Environmental Assessments and Documented Categorical Exclusions, and some agencies provide related notices and public announcements or other background information.

Department of Agriculture

        - Current Documents
        - Archives Documents


Department of Defense


Department of Energy


Department of Homeland Security


Department of Housing and Urban Development


Department of the Interior


Department of Transportation
Independent Agencies